End to End Encryption feature


I have upgraded my Rocket.Chat server to new version 0.70.1 in my lab to be sure that all is fine and I have noticed new feature (End to End Encryption) which I don’t quite understand how to use it.

I’d like to upgrade my production server but I want to disable it / turn it off this new feature, I’ll test it in my lab and then I enable it to production server. How can I do this, of course if it is possible?

Besides, in this link https://rocket.chat/docs/user-guides/end-to-end-encryption/ there is a picture

and there is an option that I marked on yellow, in My Account configuration I don’t see this option.
I have client 2.13.3.


We turned it OFF and now end users are getting prompted with a big blue banner saying “Enter your E2E password”. This is on the Web Client or Desktop Client (Win/Mac) There is not a way to set or reset a Encryption password once you do this. You can put in anything and it will say it’s wrong, the banner goes away, but the next time you login, same issue.

I re-enabled under Administration > E2E Encryption, but now when a user goes to My Account > Encryption is says “You can’t set a password for your encryption key because your private key is not present on this client. In order to set a new password you need load your private key using your existing password or use a client where the key is already loaded.” (1. No key was issued, 2. No key already loaded)

As an Admin how do we force the reset of the E2E Password so they have to create a new one?

We seem to be stuck here, can’t turn it off at the Server level, it still seems to prompt. We can’t reset at the User level when enabled.

Does anyone have any guidance on this? Thank you for your time.


I have just upgraded to version 0.70.4 and everything is normal, there is not big blue banner saying “Enter your E2E password”.
Administration > E2E Encryption should be set false.


I can confirm that the upgrade to 0.70.4 has resolved the E2E blue banner issue.
Thank you.