Different intervals of deleting messages and files


We are currently using Rocket.Chat ver. 3.18.3.

Right now it’s activated to only remove files in the global retention policy.
We want to change it, to delete Files and messages at different intervals.
But when we deactivate “only delete files” there is the same interval we set above for messages and files.

Is there any way to configure it, that all messages get deleted after 7years and all files just after 7days?


Hi! Welcome to our forums.

This is not possible as of now.

Please, feel free to create a feature request:


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Ps: you can probably accomplish this with some scripting.

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve never done something like this with rocket.chat.
Where exactly can I change the important code to this? In the Web Admin Panel I can’t find anything related.



You should always avoid changing Rocket.Chat’s code directly.

It was built to allow customization via the Apps Engine, or remote management thru APIs.

this is probably something you can do with APIs. You can read thru docs here: