Delete old messages?

Hi folks,

I’m about to write something in PHP to clear chat history older than x days.

Before I do it, is there already something build in to RC?


There is not. I believe there is a PR in progress here:

I’ve done this but use Mongo settings to auto-delete anything over x days. Happy to share settings if you’d find it useful


I would love to get some help with that. I have installed the snap version of RC, but can’t access the Mongodb settings. So I am manually cleaning the rooms every night, which doesn’t work in the apps (history still visible until you reset the cached data) and all the files remain online on my server.

I really really would love to have the new option “Message retention policy and prunning” but I am still using 0.66.3 because that is the latest available snap version.

A temporary other solution would help me a lot!



Que legal, poderia compartilhar comigo ? Estou em busca de algo assim há alguns dias já, mas, não está dando certo.

The latest release should definitely have the message pruning feature now. Of course released on snap too

Yes it is working very good now. Thanks!

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