Desktop screen sharing with Jitsi has poor resolution when using Rocketchat Electron client

Desktop screen sharing in Jitsi has poor resolution when a demonstrator uses Electron version of Rocketchat client ( v3.9.10)

Broadcasting resolution can be 720p or 360p or even less. With text blured and unreadable.
No problems with Web client of Rocketchat.

Looks like conference with only 2 users is not affected
Three and more - even webcameras give poor resolutions.
When caster quit conference in Electron - cameras became better. Then he rejoin with browser client.

Time goes… nothign changes…

We have the same problem. Have you solved it in the meantime ?

No solution yet. But there is some movement Conference video quality drops when a user is on an Electron window · Issue #14396 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Solved it with disableSimulcast: true, in the Jitsi configuration. But this might be just a workaround.