Desktop version 2.12.1 unable to access camera & microphone

Please, help me solve this problem…

Please provide more info:

  • what OS version are you using
  • do you get an error message
  • can you use the devices in other software without problems?



Hi, thank you for your reply)

  • win 10
  • “do you get an error message” - “Failed to access your microphone” “unable to access camera” - don’t know where i can grant required permissions?
  • yes. On win 7х64 all is fine.

win10 and Firefox - it’s work
win10 and desktop client - does not work

found out - this is Antivirus. I am now looking for how to allow access to the program to the camera and microphone.

Ah that option also crossed my mind. Most virus scanners can exclude certain programs or folders. So try to exclude the complete folder of the desktop client. Maybe that will do the trick.

Now I wonder how can I start the client right away with the address of my server?

You mean autostart a certain chatbox when you start the client? I don’t know if there are commandline switches for this? Maybe someone from development can help you with that.