Custom oAuth setup


I’m trying to have RC login authenticate to another application I control that has a REST API that includes a /Auth/login API. I’ve been able to login to the application using Postman. Very simple. I’m having trouble understanding how to setup a custom OAuth for my RC server so that my RC users are authenticating using their credentials from the other application. Does someone have a sample custom oAuth setup that is similar that I could look at the settings to understand how to setup mine?


Are you looking for Rocket.Chat it’s self to be the identity provider and to login from your app using Rocket.Chat?

Or are you looking to login to Rocket.Chat using your apps users? Your app being the identity provider


Thank you, Aaron, I’m wanting my app to be the identity provider for Rocket.Chat.


Aaron, do you have any advice on this?


If your app is the identity provider I would recommend implementing some sort of oauth server package.

Otherwise you will be guessing and have a long battle ahead