Invite multiple users and reduce spam

Just tried your Linux desktop app using the server, and I have the following questions.

  1. I need to associate email addresses to usernames. One way could be some online form, where I ask people willing to join a team to post their email and Rocket.Chat handle. However, there might be a specific method to invite to join teams by email address.

  2. Once I collect Rocket.Chat usernames, my problem is to invite several of them do different teams. It seems that I have to type manually each and every username. There should be a mechanism to rapidly copy and paste or import usernames to invite from a spreadsheet. May be there is a rest API for the invitations. If so, does it work with the server?

  3. In my first couple of hours, I was targeted by different “ladies”. I think the problem is that all the usernames are public, so you just write John in the search box and discover the users. Since this can make the platform NSW, is there a way to make the usernames private and not easily discoverable? Like is the case in many other platforms, e.g Matrix, MS Teams, etc.


It seems that I can vote for my own question. Is this a feature or a bug?

This will all depend on your use case. You can do it as Admin, creating the user with a temporary password (asking them to change on first login) and already adding them to the desired teams. If you want to manipulate this process more closely, you can use our APIs and do all that automatically, but this is a more advanced way or doing things.

In order to import from spreadsheet, you would need admin access. For using the API, you need to check for permissions. Not sure if you are running your own Rocket.Chat or trying to use our open server. So again, it all depends on what you want to do do identify the best course of action.

Indeed, there are some bots in our open server that keeps harassing users. We are constantly working to fix that. The open is a targeted server with open registration, so bots are always trying to advertise.

Let me know how I can help you with other information. THanks!

Thank you.

As of now. I am using the open server.
Can the API be used with the open server too?
When you say Admin, do you mean the server Admin or the team/channel Admin?

you can use some of those API with your user.

In fact, when you load Rocket.Chat and log in with your user, it will usually call those very same APIs.

But for some APIs, it will require some permissions, like creating users, changing password, etc. So a server admin will be necessary.