Hide channel to specific users

I’m creating a script that takes all my users and creates a channel for each of them. A channel will have 1 user and X admin users. However, the amount of channels created is large * about 5000 *, which ends up generating spam for all admin users, who are notified in the menu bar that a new channel has been created. Any ideas to solve this problem? I tried to go the way of hiding the channel, however, I need it to hide it only for admin users. I looked in docs and didn’t find anything related to it.

Thank you.

Hi @lucasfe4nor , Welcome to our little (not really :wink: ) community :smiley:

Before anything, can you please explain to me what is it that you’re trying to do? What is your end goal?


Hi @debdut.chakraborty. I’m trying to create a private communication medium for each customer to have a way to communicate directly with the support team, with a few clicks. For this, I need a channel already created, with the customer and all members of the support team in the channel, requiring only someone to initiate the conversation.

Thank you.