Cost and Integration


I’m very new to this, and I was wondering if this type of chat could be integrated with my main website with the already register I have and it also comes with a Engine as well… where members can make character sheets for their characters etc etc, and also, I can’t use the desktop thing because I have Vista and not windows 7. Yes Shoot me for buying this piece of crap. ROFL Oh and I need to know the Cost of this, yea it says free, but there are still hidden agendas



No hidden agenda’s. Welcome to open source. :slight_smile:

Just because something is free… Does not mean it won’t cost you anything.

Think about… a free puppy. You get that puppy… but then you have to buy it a bed, food, take it out to use the bathroom. Etc.

Same kind of deal with Rocket.Chat. It’s 100% free. But you’re going to have to:

  • Find a server to install it on(not hard by any means… Digitialocean is my favorite to refer people to)
  • Spend a little time to configure it to suit your needs. Its extremely flexible, just about anything is possible.
  • Then finally you’ll have to maintain it. Trained your dog how to do tricks, but you’ve gotta keep on it.

Could take that analogy a lot further. But I think you get the point. :slight_smile: