Connection android phone

after installing the local rocket chat server, when logging in to android phones, it will display the following message:

cleartext communication to ip server not permitted by network security policy

Are you using https instead of http?


You need to use https to connect with the app.

You can use a self signed certificate or a letsencrypt one with a web server/proxy

What version of Rocket.Cat and the app are you using?

I used both http and https when connecting and the same voice. the client version in android mobile is

But I think the error comes from using http.

Just use https and you shouldn’t get it?

when using https it gave me the voice connection close

Can you explain exactly what you mean?

Your original issue was this:

I don’t understand ‘voice connection close’ ?

If you mean it that the app won’t connect properly then you need to fix your https certificates and web server.