Send email to all users in channel


Is it possible to send email message to all users in some channel? For example to replace mailing list in organization.


We had a similar question, some people wanted to get push notifications for every message in a channel, effectively watching it.

For example we have an #ops channel that is populated by a monitoring system and we were used to being able to watch it in Slack so you get every message there pushed to you.


Actually you can pop open the notifications on a channel and set it to alert you on every message.

This is a per channel setting.


hmmm I can’t seem to find that option, where is it?


Can choose to be notified mobile/desktop and email


@alexey.shilin also to answer your question Rocket.Chat has a mailer. So you can use Rocket.Chat to send mail out to all of your users. You can use queries to select the users to send it to.

In theory you could use that to only send to members of one channel.


@aaron.ogle hmmm, how to write query to select all members in group #example_group ?


It seems doesn’t work this way. In my case I have settings:


And when someone message in group there is no notification for user that was offline.
How do you think, is there a chance I did something wrong? Or better create an issue in github?


If an actual bug github. But I think just needs documented.

You likely have to query based on roomid and not the room name.