Changelog for desktop app is missing


Dear Rocket.Chat devs,

thank you for your work. However I am a bit disappointed by the current communication strategy for changelogs and updates.

  • Mobile apps for Android & iOS are good roles models with release notes on GitHub and a shorter version in the forums.
  • The changelogs for Rocket.Chat itself on GitHub are very well formatted and informative, but the 0.68 release is still missing completely in the forums.
  • And last but not least there is the desktop app with Electron. No announcement in the forums, no release notes on GitHub and the file was abandoned 9 months ago.

I’m not sure if it is because of laziness or if only minor things were changed, but they should be mentioned nevertheless. I would be happy if you could animate your devs to post them, because I don’t really want to update if I don’t know what has changed.