Changelog for desktop app is missing

Dear Rocket.Chat devs,

thank you for your work. However I am a bit disappointed by the current communication strategy for changelogs and updates.

  • Mobile apps for Android & iOS are good roles models with release notes on GitHub and a shorter version in the forums.
  • The changelogs for Rocket.Chat itself on GitHub are very well formatted and informative, but the 0.68 release is still missing completely in the forums.
  • And last but not least there is the desktop app with Electron. No announcement in the forums, no release notes on GitHub and the file was abandoned 9 months ago.

I’m not sure if it is because of laziness or if only minor things were changed, but they should be mentioned nevertheless. I would be happy if you could animate your devs to post them, because I don’t really want to update if I don’t know what has changed.

Thanks for the feedback!

Cc @rafael.kellermann

Great to hear! Yes I enjoy those as well!

Honestly I wasn’t sure how much they were looked at. I personally started posting after a release to see if people enjoyed or people wanted.

On our website we also started posting a blog with things like this. So we are still trying to figure out where all to post :slight_smile:

I noticed this as well. I’m not really sure the reasoning for there not being any release notes at all. I know we discussed using same release tool, which would help a lot. I’ll bring this up to them though :+1:

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Hey Aaron!

I also opened an issue on GitHub and since some other people chimed in it seems to have worked - the release notes were published!

IMHO changelogs and release notes are important for good software, so people know what has changed, what bugs were closed, are there known issues… but I’m sure it’s getting better now :slight_smile: