Building Android APK for RocketChat


Basically – how do you build the APK for ? Where can I find the full process, with all of the versions described? I do want to build the old version, that’s published on GooglePlay (one with 100,000+ installs and success, not the ReactNative yet).

I’m simply visiting the page, and following the described steps (tried both cordova and docker approaches on my Ubuntu 18.04 64bit machine), yet I hit a number of issues, even when trying the docker approach.

I get various problems, such as that I even have to downgrade the Android SDK (to which version?), and similar other problems. I’d like to know just what the process do you currently have to build that APK, with all the details. Is it in some of the .yml files, which one? Or, which operating system and with what settings should I virtualize, or use?

Ok. So, I suppose, the best response, and it should be included in that page on building – is to look at the .circleci/*.yml files of the projects. Cause, people won’t figure it out easily otherwise.

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