Bug in Rocket.Chat Android client

Hi there, I found the bug in Rocket.Chat client for mobile (Android)

Android client version - 3.5.0 or 3.5.1
server version - 1.2.0

Steps for reproducing the error:

  1. Create new discussion - for example “My test”
  2. Open new discussion
  3. Try to Quote any message in discussion from android client (3.5.0 or 3.5.1)

Expected behavior:
The message should be quoted in the discussion
See image below

Actual behavior:
If the title of the discussion has spaces, for example (My Test), the Android client does not correctly parse the link to the message quoted
See image below

There is no such problem in iOS client and windows desktop client.

Hi Maksim,
I am stuck with project setup only , I am using latest version of android studio 3.5 and windows 8 os the wat I am facing is:

  1. I have taken clone of the project from Github

  2. I imported into my android studio

3)Build was un-successfull after import from my local directory.

What I have to do get it resolve.


I’ve just setup a number of users on a new rocket.chat installation (I’ve used it before for some years).

Users are complaining about the Android quoting bug. I didn’t have it until I updated my app - now I do!

I see on Github it has been fixed but I don’t want to have to compile the app and send it to everyone.

When will the Play Store version be updated please?

I’m already getting some resistance to Rocket.Chat as it is and this is just making it harder to convince them it is the right thing to use!


With regard to Rocket Chat Experimental on Android, the voice and audio chat options are there but are grayed out. Is this by design for the current stage of experimental or is this because the server in question is not 2.0.0-develop?