Browser based version (non-native)


Curious whether there is a version that runs in browser. Essentially, can you run it without having to download a native app. Can it run inside Chrome etc.

On the website it says the following, including the mention of ‘web’.

For all platforms

You can take Rocket.Chat anywhere with our web, desktop & mobile apps, LiveChat clients and SDK


They state that there is a web app, so I don’t understand your question to be honest. For a web app you only need a webbrowser…


Hello Chatdev,
I agree, they note ‘web’ in the quote above but I have not been able to find any specific info or example/demos of the web app.

I may very well be missing something hence writing out to the community. Perhaps its something you build via API.

My goal would be to use Rocket chap in a Chrome browser.



Rocket Chat is completely compatible with all major webbrowsers. So no problem.


Thanks chatdev! Appreciate the community feedback


Moved to community support. You are talking about web app. The apps category is for talking about addons called apps