Technical Requirements and Capabilities


I am newbie. Please tell me, or maybe there is an opportunity to write a link to the documentation.

  1. Rocket.Chat is, as I understand it, a desktop application for users.
  • Is it allowed to install Rocket.Chat on hosting in order to integrate it into the company’s website for employee communication?
  1. What are the hosting requirements for Rocket.Chat?

  2. Is it possible to integrate Rocket.Chat with an additional database (would you like user authorization to go through the site)?

  3. What database is Rocket.Chat compatible with?

Thank you. Sorry for so many questions at once.

Hi Murat!

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1 - Rocket.Chat is the world’s largest open source communications platform. You can install it on your own server, and use any Browser, our Desktop App and Mobile App to access your own server. It can be both used to employee communication and customer care (Omnichannel). For this, you can integrate with Instagram Direct, Telegram, Whatsapp, Email, Website and other way to connect the “exterior world” on it.

2- Check requirements here: For small deployments, go with the recommended.

3 - Yes. If you are talking about Authentication, it supports a lot of them, like LDAP, OAUTH, etc. If you are talking about consulting other databases, you can also do that in a lot of different ways. You can have some incoming webhooks, or outgoing webhooks integration, or you can write an App that does more things: we have a whole App Engine inside Rocket.Chat for that

4 - Rocket.Chat uses Mongodb as it’s main Database.

We have a Rocket.Chat University and a very robust documentation here

Also, consider joining our Community Support Channel

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