Attn: Custom Mobile Apps

If you are using our official mobile apps from the app store no action is required. This is only relevant to those that have followed the whitelabel process to create their own custom apps.

On June 20th 2024 Google will be disabling the push notification endpoint Rocket.Chat used for sending push notifications to Android devices.

Can find more about their announcement here: Perguntas frequentes sobre o Firebase

What do I need to do?

Upgrade your version

Upgrade to one of the following versions: 6.8.0, 6.7.3, 6.6.8, 6.5.7.
PS: Patches to be out soon, but sharing here already for awareness.

As part of upgrading your push will continue to work with the old endpoint until you manually switch it over to use the new one in the instructions below. So you can upgrade without worrying about push notifications breaking.

Generate a new token with Google

The new endpoint uses a different token so your existing token won’t work.

  1. Goto IAM Admin -

  2. Create Role called: Firebase-SendMessage

  3. Add permission - cloudmessaging.messages.create

  4. Create service account -

  5. Select the Firebase-SendMessage role we created

  6. Click on the service account created and goto keys

  7. Create New key

These instructions can also be found in our updated docs: Configuring Push Notifications | Rocket.Chat Developer

Configure Rocket.Chat

  1. Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Push
  2. Make sure Use legacy notification provider is turned off
  3. On Certificates and Keys, copy the Service Account content you just created to Google FCM API Credentials
  4. Save and restart your workspace.
  5. Log into the server as the same user on your mobile device and close it (it won’t receive push notification if it’s open).
  6. Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Push and click on the Send a test push to my user button.

All Patches listed above are now released

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