Appreciation post : on the use of RocketChat to bring friends together outside of the platforms


This is not a support related topic just a way to say thank you.

I have been running a little server with RocketChat for 2 years now for a group of friends and myself. At the time we made the observation that the majority of Messenger messages that we sent and received was to each others, and mainly in a group conversation we had.

We all were not big fans of using Facebook and all agreed on the fact that less Facebook in our lives and on the internet could a good thing. As i was beginning to learn how to setup a server and how to use linux for all my PC related activities, we explored a way we could have our group conversation be hosted outside of a platform.

After trying different solutions we settled on RocketChat and oh yes, we did choose wisely :smiley:

Since this time we have a dozen of friends that connect on-off to share links and thoughts in different topics we opened as channels.
Events were organised solely on our RocketChat.

Since this time it also enticed me to really learn a lot more about server administration and self hosting applications. Now i have multiple applications running and it allowed me to take a path where i need less and less of Facebook, Google, etc…

Since this time i became interested in libre communities and associations that lead projects with a goal of allowing people to use tools that empower them and don’t spy them.

All this started with our little rocketChat server i managed somehow to run via Docker when i did not even understood really what was Docker.

Now i try to engage on the github, share my thoughts about possible improv and bugs i detected, and even though my NodeJS knowledge and all that are really limited if not close to none, i’m happy to follow this project and its community.

Anyway for all that a big thank you to all the people involved in making and improving daily this great software :slight_smile: It has put me on the path of a more empowering and open Internet, more intelligent sharing and coding and inspired me to see what could a bright future on this network, and how i could do my part in all this.

Peace to you all.


Thank you, @Julianoe, for the feedback - it means a lot to us !!

Thank you also for choosing and sticking with Rocket.Chat, and more recently for your contributions in the community.


Thanks for sharing! Fantastic to hear using Rocket.Chat has started you in a path of data freedom and privacy.