App vs Bot Use case


I think about create an interface to our ticketing system (OTRS).
After some search i haven’t find any existing interface.

The purpose is to have a command to show a ticket summary by his id and on the over hand to send message to user when a ticket in is queue is modified.

To do that what is the best betwenn App and bot ?


I believe, that apps can only react to direct user interaction, like calling /poll. So for the second part of your interface you would most likely need a bot/incoming webhook.

Since yesterday i’ve search some information (documentation is very poor :frowning: ) and found this video :
Rocket.Chat Apps Development Webinar

and at 20:34 after deployement the app expose a POST webhook on localhost:3000/api/apps/public/…

So it seem an app be able to react a some external events like the BitBucket App :

Be sure to check out the various sample apps available.

Yes i’ve used this app as an example.

I made an app but it’s not clear in which case it’s better to create an app and in which cas a bot.