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Android mobile client stuck on "Updating"

I’m using verson 3.15.0
the instance is registered with
behind Traefik2 version 2.4.8

I have a mobile phone running Android 9 mobile client version

Mobile client often gets stuck with a message “Updating”
while it’s updating… messages are not received or sent from the mobile client

I don’t see any errors in logs that I can see ( stderr from the rocket chat container)

What can I tweak to fix this ?

First thing is to check the network connections and web proxy - that’s where most issues lie with this type of issue.

My mobile client issue always gets resolved if I “Clear local server cache” in mobile.

I end up selecting “Clear local server cache” every day on mobile.

Interacting and reaching the server from a web browser client works without issue.

Definitely check your websockets.

A browser can connect with XHR as well as websocket, but mobile is websocket only, and a desktop has a consistent network connection.

Mobiles can change networks - mobile - Wifi - Mobile etc and the websocket connection then has to re-establish itself.

Something like this for testing might help (might be something similar for Traefik - “traefik2 reverse proxy websocket timeout”) ?

Also have a test with the Beta version of the mobile app and see what happens,

I see someone having a similar problem on the traefik forum