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Alternative to install rocket chat RHEL

Hello guys, i need an alternative to install rocket chat in, RHEL based OS.

I triyed to use AlmaLinux, but i cant found c++ and some others repositories to conclude the installation…

someone help?


OK, unless you are trying to build a development version just use docker - it is much easier.

If you need repos for c++ you probably ought to ask in the AlmaLinux forums.

Rocky Linux is another CentOS/RHEL fork.

Project Lenix is another.

Again for specific packages you need to ask in their forums.

This may help if you really want dev tools:

Or similar for 8.x

Good morning John, thanks for your anwser. Definitely docker is the best way, in my case.


No worries!!

Makes life much easier. DON’T use latest - specify a version and upgrade when you are ready, but check for updates regularly.

Take lots of backups!!!