Rocketchat server dont install

Hello! Can you help me, when i install rocketchat using this link: Rocket.Chat #02 How to Install RocketChat on Centos or RHEL Server - YouTube “npm install” command not working. Please help me

Hi! Welcome to our community :hugs:

I definitely would not recommend installing it manually, unless you are being forced to do so, hehehe.

However, if you are going that path, I suggesting following some of those docs:

While there isn’t a specific doc for Centos or RHEL, it should be something similar, and be aware that you are in for more of that as it will require keeping tabs with dependencies and what not.

We strongly suggest going with Docker or K8s for that:

let me know if this helps :slight_smile:


Hello, mR Duda Nogueira! I tried to install rocketchat based on the guide you recommended → Rocket.Chat in CentOS - Rocket.Chat Docs . But the last command didn’t work → sudo systemctl enable rocketchat && sudo systemctl start rocketchat

I also tried to install docker according to the instructions you provided and I got the following results:

There is one command that didn’t work for me while installing rocketchat and it’s in the picture below

But anyway, I solved the problem with the following command, is it right?

  1. vi /lib/systemd/system/rocketchat.service
  2. copy->paste :
    Description=The Rocket.Chat server nginx.service mongod.service
    ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/node /opt/Rocket.Chat/main.js
    Environment=MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/rocketchat?replicaSet=rs01 MONGO_OPLOG_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/local?replicaSet=rs01 ROOT_URL=http://localhost:3000/ PORT=3000

Please help me to install rocketchat server…

                                                        Sincerely, akon

some tips when installing on centos/redhat, from RC version 5.x you need to run mongo 4.4.x and node 14.19.3.

basically do it like this;
make sure system is up to date,
make sure to install gcc-c++ make mongodb-org curl httpd mod_ssl openssl
download, build, install graphicsMagick for system
run npm install -g inherits n
run n 14.19.3 | hash -r
download RC-tar, unpack, cd into bundle/programs/server
run npm install
check errors, fix accordingly
move bundle to /opt/Rocket.Chat
run useradd -M rocketchat && usermod -L rocketchat && chown -R rocketchat:rocketchat /opt/Rocket.Chat
run systemctl enable rocketchat && systemctl start rocketchat

Worked for me on CentOS 7/Rocky 8

How did you install node 14.19.3 with terminal?
If possible, please explain from the beginning through specific commands

Replied to your PM with instructions