Can Rocket.Chat use less hardware dependent libs?

After I upgrade RC to 0.62, it fails to deploy on CentOS 6, and I guess plenty servers use this os.

when use Node.js, most of us think about cross platform, but RC use more and more libs require build on specific machine, to have deploy RC 0.61, I have to install a GCC v4.8 ( fibers can not install with gcc v4.4)
I know some important libs require hardware related (like fibers, bcrypt), but why some less used libs like Sharp must be added to the dependencies?

I like RC very much since I meet it, it’s such a good open source project.
but I think this is not a good develop direction, I’m worry about the future of it,
Can the core developers consider this for a while?

It’s not just CentOS 6 but also CentOS7.4 fails with a similar message:
Mar 2 09:10:29 rocketchat RocketChat: Exception in callback of async function: Error: /lib64/ version `CXXABI_1.3.8’ not found (required by /var/lib/
This is due to RHEL/CentOS use gcc 4.8.5 and it’s dependencies as standard c library

Complete Error Message: