Your own push notifications (not using the default gateway)

Are you able to use your own GCM API/Server ID if you’re using the “Native RC App” from the Google Play Store? Or are you required to compile your own app to make it work? The settings in the admin panel and RC documentation don’t make it super clear, from what I’ve read how firebase push works it seems like you would absolutely need to compile your own app with its own unique app name to get push notification to work by setting the GCM settings in the admin panel. So am I correct to assume then that using the native RC app form the G play store would result in notifications not being delivered even if correct GCM Api and Server ID are set?

Or am I completely wrong here and the native RC app from G Play store should absolutely work to have push notifications if you set your own GCM settings in the Push section of the admin panel?

Thanks for the help pals.

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Do you mean you want your own notification icon ? Yes so you have to compile your own app.
Otherwise it works fine … i have just the prob that if the app is conpletly closed i didnt get notis., so i have to activate enail notis wich i dont like very much.

For what exactly you want to set your own fcm id ? Usually it didnt make sense to me.

No, I meant push notifications reaching user’s devices. If I use Rocketchat’s default gateway server then it works fine as intended, but if I turn off their gateway and enter my own GCM API/Server ID nothing gets delivered to my android device (Yes I restart both the server and the client after changing the settings). I assume it’s because GCM won’t deliver to rocketchat’s native APP but that’s what I’m trying to confirm. Do I need to re-build rocketchat’s native react app with my own google server json file to get it to work or can I use the rocketchat app from google play store whiel still using my own GCM API for push notifications?

You know that GCM is no longer supported ??? Its longtime deprecated ,you have to migrate to fcm and have to generate a fcm key there ,when i remember right, but you probably know that.

Yes, I’m aware, I simply referred to it as GCM since that’s what it’s called in the settings still.

Still trying to get a clear answer, will my own push notifications work with my own FCM (GCM) API credentials with the Official RocketChat App from the Google Play Store, or do I need to compile my own apk and use that to get push notifications via my own FCM (GCM) API?