No @user notifications in E2E encrypted rooms?


Using @user does not yield a notification to the corresponding user when used in an encrypted room.

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: latest cloud-hosted version

Any additional Information

The user guides for E2EE mention caveats like file attachments not being encrypted and search not working, but don’t mention any limitation about being able to tag users and have them be notified in their RC client.

Is this a known limitation?


Sorry for the late response.

I did a test locally, and was able to see a notification when mentioned.

Can you state what version are you using?

Also, if you have an Enterprise license, consider opening a support ticket at

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I’m experiencing the same problem as Jay. User mentions don’t work in encrypted chats. In open chats everything is ok. @all and @here also work fine both in open and encrypted chats.

When I send @username to a chat, for a fraction of a second it transforms into a mention widget, but quickly reverts back to plain text. No notification for a mentioned user as well.

We are using self-hosted version 4.7.1 on a Debian server.

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