What is the experimental Game Center for and how can we use it?

See title. I posted this same question a few times on the Rocket.Chat community chat server and I got complete radio silence. I enabled it in my install but I see nothing new or different. How do I use the Game Center?


may you tell me, where the option is?


Administration -> General -> Apps -> Enable the Game Center

I can enable this but it’s a big mystery what this setting actually even does.

Hey @Hifihedgehog! The Game Center interacts with certain game apps that are coming to our Marketplace! We’re still in the process of getting those apps out, so bear with us a little bit longer :see_no_evil:

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Is there any documentation or examples people can start making use of to create their own?

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Hello folks!

Dropping by to announce that there are now Games published in the Marketplace! Look for them in the Social & Fun category.

They’ve been published by our partner FRVR Games. They have lots of very successful and engaging games published on Facebook and other platforms, and we’re very glad to welcome them in our platform and community :smiley:

To be able to play them, activate the Game Center and download the games to see them on the TabBar of your private groups, public channels and DM - so make sure to invite your friends to play those games with you :slight_smile:

And PLEASE let us know what you think about it!