What is the average approval time for app uploads to Marketplace?

Can someone tell me the average approval time for new apps in the marketplace?
I uploaded my first app to the marketplace and can’t wait to see it released. :slight_smile:

Is it some hours, days or week?

thanks in advance

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Ok, got it… less than 24 hours :slight_smile:

What app did you submit? Great to hear about the excitement! :slight_smile:

I submitted the “Broadcaster” app.
Send one message to multiple channels at the same time.
Really helpful for me in my IT-Support lead role.


Hi folks.
Have the same question.
I published an app and it is in state “compiled” for a few days.
Maybe it waiting for some actions from my side?

Which App? We had a review session last week.

Hi Bradley.
It is YouTrackCharger app

The version v0.0.2 was not approved because it had the default icon. When we had our review meeting v0.0.3 was still marked as a draft, so we didn’t review it. I think we are having another meeting this week to review.


Congrats on your first app being published! =)


Hi Bradley.
Did you have a chance to review?

Not yet, we couldn’t get everyone’s schedules to align. There should be review session on Monday :pray:

Hi RC team.
My YouTrackCharger app is still pending review and also I have uploaded a new major version!
cc @bradley.hilton

Hi RocketChat team.
Do I have a chance to have an approval for my YouTrackCharger app?
it has been on review for months