WeChat integration


The largest chat and mobile app in China, curious why I am not finding much online about this?


Wechat is its own little ecosystem. Its not one any of us are familiar with.

What type of integration could you see happening? Also what types are actually available? Do they have apis/ outbound webhooks?


It’s massive, actually, and as you surely have read, it’s used for everything from booking taxis to ecommerce to paying for stuff, transferring money, accessing bank, etc.

I too knew zip about it until a recent project called for it. Here’s some official documentation in english: http://open.wechat.com/cgi-bin/newreadtemplate?t=overseas_open/docs/oa/getting-started/getting-started#getting-started_getting-started

Unfortunately, WeChat makes it hard to develop for unless you have an “Official Account” as a business, pretty much closing up for anyone outside China.

I’d be happy to contribute back, seeing we might have to roll our own.



Not sure how easy it would be to gain official account.

Though we might be able to get some integrations setup like we do with telegram. Basically community have provided scripts and instructions that let you create a bot with telegram and then hook things up.


Yup seen how to hook with Telegram. I’ll share as we have something to show.


I’d be interested to hear more about this.


@aaron.ogle - maybe https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/issues/7576 can be answered in the course of this thread. My assessment is: “not gonna happen”.



Gonna refer that ticket here. :smile:

Also renamed title to be more of a request then a question :slight_smile: