Waiting for network

I see there was an existing topic on this waiting for network instead why don’t you make an approach of making Rocket.chat work like WhatsApp and Skype which is already connected in background isn’t this annoying each time user has to keep connecting to the sever when the users phone is on sleep or other background activities and then back to Rocket.chat app it takes too long to connect back again to Rocket.Chat sever my sever is stuck on waiting for network for maximum 5-10 seconds which is really annoying why aren’t the developers bothering to make this better ??? WhatsApp and other popular apps don’t have this annoying part of making the users to wait for reconnect to the network

No matter I’m on dedicated cpu or high memory plan sever this is the same scenario waiting for network is a big headache also push notification doesn’t work well on public chats why Rocket chat why can’t you be better anymore at all than what have you been so far ?