VoIP settings questions

Hello one and all.

I have to admit i’m having a hard time configuring VoIP. In the “Management Server” section I configured the pjsip account as I usually do (serverhost = sip host?) and “Server Configuration” the websocket connection details of the very same server. Is that right? I can save the setting but when I switch over to the extensions tab I get “connection error”. Is someone more successfull than me and would be so nice to shed some light?

cheers, t.

At pbx side you need to create a AMI user name and password that would be use to connect with your pbx to rocket chat app.
Mind it , you need to secure this connection if you dont know how to create and secure this user please google it then try it otherwise your pbx will be compromise
in management server option you need to put server ip ( PBX IP) user nam option that will be the asterisk manager user (AMI User ) and password of that user these are server management settings .
in server configuration you need to web rtc parameter like web rtc port 8089 and web soket path is ( ws )

Thanks for your reply. So Rocket.Chat uses the AMI Interface? Ok. Configured that but still getting the mentioned “connection error”. Cheers! t.

yes rocket chat use the AMi interface if you are still getting error please check at ur PBX side Ip whit list or permit your rocket chat server IP to connect with pbx

Hi guys,

I am newbie in rocket.chat but a senior in voip and video solution. So I really appreciate if I get more information about how to integrate rocket.chat with voip services based in Asterisk?

Can anyone share docummentation or links with references to start the test. I want to use asterisk and enable the Contact Center module most used in version 11.x of asterisk.

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Hello Daniel
this is a document link here is mentioned about asterisk to rocket chat integration. i am also trying to test with this feature