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Server Update Notifications for Non-Admins

Hi all,

As a security best practice I recently made some changes to our Rocket.Chat instance so that no active users have the Administrator role. This role is only held by a single account with a strong password + 2FA.

My question is: is there any way to have a user other than administrators receive notifications from Rocket.Chat when new server versions are available? Under the update checker permission (General->Update) I see that it says:

“Checks automatically for new updates / important messages from the Rocket.Chat developers and receives notifications when available. The notification appears once per new version as a clickable banner and as a message from the Rocket.Cat bot, both visible only for administrators.”

Is there any way to have these notifications sent to non-administrators?


Hi @fjohnston! Welcome to our forums.

As far as I know, this is not possible for now.

But I think this is a great feature request! Can you do it here?

Maybe creating a permission configuration that could be initially assigned to the Admin role, that you could also assign to custom roles?


@dudanogueira , thanks for the recommendation. I’ve opened a feature request here:

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