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Use MongoDB in a separate instance

I am new to rocket chat and mongodb, I installed it on AWS Ubuntu 18.04. I want to use autoscaling group of AWS, that is, I have to have it all separately: the database, use S3 for the files, and have the code in a separate instance.

My only question is regarding the database because S3 works without problems. I have never used MongoDB. Can you help me with the move to a database on a standalone instance?

In other words: I want to put MongoDB in a new instance and join it with the instance where I have Rocket Chat. I think I should first migrate the current database and then join it with some link from the new mongoDB, but, I don’t know how.

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Stop Rocket.Chat

Migrate the DB to your new instance.

Update the Mongo DB URL in Rocket.Chat

As we don’t know what type of deployment you used - eg snap, docker, manual - we can’t tell you how to modify the Rocket.Chat config on startup.

There are details in the documentation.

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Thank you very much, I have to carefully read all the documentation.