Uploaded pics not showing


uploaded pics and drawings are not shown in the ios app.
It works fine with the desktop version (linux + windows) and with the browser.

any ideas are welcome…

app version: 3.3.0 (236)
server version: 0.74.1
iPhone 7 (iOS 12.1.3)

after changing from gridfs to filestorage and back to gridfs it worked :astonished:… wtf?! :smile:

same issue again, meanwhile on

app version 3.5.1 (259) @ iOS 13.1.x & android
server version 1.0.3

any hints welcome, thx

btw, uploaded with the desktop version is ok. drawings and videos are functioning, only pics do not work!

I tried the settings mentioned here:
but I can find General > Rest API > Allow Getting Everything

Same issue with rocket chat v4
with ios mobile client 4.29

images are not loading on on ios client after changing into GridFS to FileSystem and then FileSystem to GridFS. :frowning:
on android client and desktop they are working fine :frowning:

I had used a folder location instead of GridFS and then moved uploads from GridFS to a Folder location
then it seems the ios mobile client seems to loading images fine.