Upgrading from very old version (0.7.1) - can I migrate existing data?

I’ve inherited an older Rocket.Chat server (version 0.7.1) that obviously needs to be updated. I’m new to Rocket.Chat but I have done my research enough to know that it will not work due to how old it is. So I have two questions really.

  1. My initial thought was to do incremental updates to gently bring the database up to date. I can’t seem to find archived server bundles though. Can I do a new install of the latest version and use our nightly db backups to migrate the data from the old version to the new?

  2. If not - does anyone know where to find older server bundles to do incremental updates?

This is a manually installed Rocket.Chat server on Ubuntu. I don’t believe we are using the meteor instanced MongoDB but a stand alone.

I need to preserve the current data as my company uses Rocket.Chat heavily and they would actually prefer to stay here rather than losing the data (I know that’s crazy and irresponsible - that’s why I’m here).

I appreciate any help that can be provided.

Hi, Did you get a chance to do this? Still looking to update to latest version, I have tried your method and database not working.

Hi, same problem for me…
Any solution for this?