Is there any official documentations on which versions of rocket chat can be upgraded to which versions?

We are trying to upgrade mongo from 4.0 to at least 4.2. We understand that the lowest version to support mongo 4.2 is rocket chat 3.15.1. Our rocket chat is currently 3.6.

  1. Is there any official documentation on which versions of rocket chat can be safely upgraded to which versions?
  2. Does anyone know if upgrading from rocket chat 3.6 to 3.15.1 is officially supported?



A good practice is to not do “big jumps”.

You are probably good going from major to next major

So in your case:
3.6.1 → 4.4.2

Of course, always do backups first, and try on a staging environment first.
also, when restoring from backup, do it to the same version it was backed up from, then backup.

Thank you for your reply @dudanogueira , do you know of any breaking changes if I go from 3.6.1 → 4.4.2 and mongo from 4.0 to 5.0?

Is there anything I should be aware of?

Appreciate your time.

Hi! Certainly are!

consider going through the release notes:

One that is common, is that integrations and bots will only be able to post to a channel when they are part of the channel. Also, the payloads must have application/json as their content type in headers.

Please, always do backups before upgrading, and test in on a staging environment.