Update 6.0.0 Read Receipts Complaint

But you can’t do that until AFTER they cut you off.

So you upgrade to whatever, lose functionality, and then get it back sometime later? Great planning there.

And there is no LTS for those who don’t want to be jerked about by continual breakage.

I say no more as it might be extremely rude.

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Well, that sucks to remove BASIC messaging feature , which is mandatory olready for decades, and call it PREMIUM.
While many additional features needed only for real enterprise is still present in community edition as “gift”.
Not so many small teams need omnychannels, LDAP auth integrations and federations.
But consider user online status and messages read receipts as “premium feature”? Seriously?

Also, if you need monetisation, why there is the choise between only free CE and expensive Enterprise editions, and nothing in between?
Why can’t you leave basic chat functionality (including user and messages statuses) and make additional separate payments just for modules, really needed for big groups and enterprise companies, like SSO integrations with AD/LDAP, bridges to corporate and enterprise services, CRM and VoIP integrations, etc.? Why scam regular users with mandatory upgrades and take away basic functionality from community?
“Create a problem for users, then sell them the solution?”


I would prefer to pay $6 to MS over $7 to RC (just to have the old community free features) and have this:

I would be ashamed for asking this price (with all this context removing very well know and used features):

The problem with isn’t the price if the company charges a fair price and delivers really premium features for sure everybody (who can afford) would love to pay. But only god knows when the company reaches a certain number of users again and decides do create a new plan PREMIUM PREMIUM and remove some other (old) features?
Even Slack, the service that RC is the biggest competitor is charging less $5,25
For context, here in Brazil the currency exchange USD > BRL is 1USD = 4,86BRL so if we have 200 active users we would have to pay (before taxes etc) 6804BRL just to have message read confirmation and LDAP sync that was the biggest feature we really use/like and the company killed it in the past.
We were running until now the version 3.18.7 just to have LDAP sync and other features that Rc removed from the CE.
For now we just updated to the latest version because the an email we got:

For now I’m just “whatever” and looking for some other alternatives.

https://www.rocket.chat/pricing-new need password. What is the pass?
When the new pricing will be available?

I didnt’t know the password, but I backed up the site before they set a password.

The price will be available with the release of Rocket Chat 6.5. The release is planed for the end november.

This is correct! The team is putting to final touches on the 6.5 release and we’ll share more details tomorrow morning. We’re excited to be able to offer most of the Rocket.Chat premium capabilities in the Starter plan. More soon …

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Read receipts are back on the free Starter plan! Check it out the other plans and Community comparison too!

same here. We upgraded from version 4 to the latest, and it’s been a bit of a letdown, honestly. We had a bunch of custom features like dark/bright mode, interface tweaks, and some bug fixes that we implemented ourselves. Now, it looks like all these have been moved to the paid version. And there’s not even read receipt functionality, which is pretty basic.

I wish I had known about these changes beforehand. If I did, I would’ve seriously reconsidered the update and maybe looked into switching to a different messaging platform that offers reasonable features without putting essential stuff behind a paywall. Calling it an ‘Enterprise’ solution but missing out on basics doesn’t really make sense to me.

We’ve been using RC for 3 years now, but with every update, it feels like more and more fundamental features that you’d expect to be standard, even in free messengers, are being shifted to the paid version. We’re currently exploring our options for a switch. Just wanted to share this feedback from a long-time user and developer perspective.

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same here. we used for 3 years and now thinking about moving to something else

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New Starter Plan is of cource still not an option for small businesses or private communities, who need read receipts. It will cost above 1000$/€ per year. I mean … really? I would be ashamed if this new price plan should be a answer to the problem posted here. Now we will migrate. Because we don’t pay 1500€ for read receipts. Who would?

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The actual pricing page is Pricing

The other one will be removed, and should be a 404.

Upgraded to v6.5.0, and the option to enable read receipts is still grayed out and just says “See Paid Plan” next to it.

Not sure what I have to do to get them to work again.

Workspace of 3 users is registered. In the subscription tab in the workspace admin panel I tried to click “Sync license update” to see if that would fix it but it errors out.

Am I supposed to automatically be on “Starter” now and get the features or is there something else I have to do to get read receipts enabled again?

The new pricing policy is no solution for the problem described here… How will the rocket chat Team react? Maybe this is the way forward: Introducing the Starter plan — free access to premium features for limited-scale use - #14 by bekay