Make it easier to cancel a subscription!

When I setup rocket chat I tried to use the Jira Plugin. Rocket support was really helpful initially but couldn’t get it to work. I signed up for the trial jira plugin. I asked for more help and go ghosted. None of my replies or chat get’s answered. Its like the lights are on but no-one is home.
Now even though I gave up and deinstalled the jira plugin and choose to cancel the subscription i keep getting billing attempts. Luckily i use a credit card I top up so they only got one $15 out of me.
But it’s impossible to cancel the subcription in their accounts platform, i can’t delete my credit card and i have a feeling this “bot” will be trying to charge my card forever.

Pretty poor systems if you ask me, no-one answers me so my only choice is to wait until they do bill me and massively complain to stripe and my bank.

Hi and sorry to hear this :worried:

I’m not sure why this was ignored. I’ll go and check and see what is happening.

Do you have a ticket number?

Please bear with me for a day or so - I will be back!!

Hi John

Here are some of the tickets created, when I login to the ticket area all my tickets are gone

Today I was billed the $15 for jira which isn’t even enabled on my system

Your receipt from Rocket.Chat #2499-5244


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If you have opened tickets then you will have an email with the ticket number on it. Let us know the ticket number please.



I gave you them below, someone on your side deleted every single ticket that I can see

ticket ID 31968

ticket ID 30849

ID 30375

Here are some of the tickets created, when I login to the ticket area all my tickets are gone

Today I was billed the $15 for jira which isn’t even enabled on my system

Your receipt from Rocket.Chat #2499-5244

I can see 2 of the three.

I will see what I can do. Please bear with me and I’ll contact support directly.

(and please don’t keep posting your sig image - thanks)

Thank you, sorry I thought I was just replying to emails but realised it was posting back in forum :blush:


Tickets. OK so the charge should be cancelled and a refund coming for $15 is coming.

The reason that you heard nothing is that they were awaiting your reply to their instructions on 12th May… ticket #30344 - you hadn’t mentioned that one but they remembered.

They sent some Mongo instructions to un-register/re-register your server at that time.

I believe they had even logged in to your server to try and assist?

But you you never responded.

Sending extra tickets rather than replying to the original just confused things - they just bump it all further down the queue.

So it just created a perfect storm I’m afraid.

I hope this resolves the matter. Please come back to me if you have further questions.

I did reply several times and even created new tickets

I can send them to you if you want no sure this is best place to send them?

New tickets are not necessary. They just bump stuff down the queue and confuse things and make a lot of extra work for the support team.

There seems to be no log of your emails on ticket #30344 after the response from support with the Mongo instructions - I can see the conversation prior to that point.

What I can see is that you responded incorrectly to those instructions which created a new ticket #30522, and you then tried to follow up on that which created a whole new scenario and dropped you down to the bottom of the queue with no context.

Nonetheless, we have now refunded you and cancelled the payments, so unless there are any other issues then this is closed.

I did respond (twice) to the same ticket (see below), I created several new tickets for the subscription when I never got replies for several weeks.
Why are all the tickets done and why is so hard to cancel a subscription. Makes me worry about buying anything

Ok thanks close it. Seems no point creating tickets cause I won’t ever get response?. I did respond to other issues I had with no answers either.

No, I am not sure you understand how support ticketing systems work.

As I explained earlier there is no point in creating a new ticket to an existing issue. You need to follow up on the original issue which you didn’t do correctly, and ended up having multiple tickets all over the place making it extremely difficulty to resolve. Each time you create a new one it is at the bottom of the queue with the existing one waiting a response from you.

I am not sure what you did when you responded to the support email with the mongo DB instructions but clearly something happened with your email program and it created a new ticket rather than following up the existing one. Those emails you show in your screenshot never got associated with the original ticket 30344. They actually created a new ticket #30522 and you would have received a notification about that, and you then repeated the same mistake again, and again - I can see it in the queue with 3 mails there.

Effectively it looks like an entirely new case.

#30522 RE: Re:[## 30344 ##] Jira Integration

If you had stuck to one ticket and answered correctly it would have been fine - support was waiting for a response!!

Multiple tickets do NOT make it faster to resolve. They make it much much much slower, if at all, as all the context is lost.

You were originally in contact with Luis, but if you open a new ticket it could be assigned to another person who knows nothing about the issue - there are dozens so it is not easy to join the dots.

So our apologies it did not get resolved faster but hopefully with your refund and payment stopped you will be fine.

For better SLA times you can of course use one of our paid plans.

For future issues please make sure you just open one ticket at a time, and stick to that ticket. You can message me if you have issues.


I know clients can be a pain but… I want to have my say and then I will let it go.

I actually develop systems and ticketing systems software and have been involved in IT support for 30 years and built the 2nd Largest Sage Accounting distribution business on the planet and was awarded best customer service award (twice) because we implemented ticketing systems. So I’m not some dumb customer.

I was hopeful that we could use as part of our client deployments , someone did warn me not to use it but I wanted to try because I can see the complete system approach. But its buggy and half the things I tried never worked (Jira, telegram, even the web change is a bit wonky and unreliable)

I was very impressed with the initial service and then it just stopped as if someone was basically deleting/ignoring my requests. Got too hard?

To be clear I waited a few days between attempts and surely someone should have responded to a request 2 mths old?


We’re sorry that we struggled to keep up with your multiple tickets - this led to a breakdown in communications with different agents not really knowing how to respond. Usually clients stick to one ticket which is then easy for an agent to follow through. Luis was still waiting a response on your #30344 not realising you had actually replied and created a new ticket #30522!

I think a similar situation may have occurred with your multiple tickets you opened on your Telegram issue as well.

This is compounded by these being community issues - customers with a paid plan have an SLA and always have priority in terms of support.

We do have a lot of happy customers, but we can’t please all the people all the time! We try our best! As Rocket scales we are building all our teams to increase response times, and a top level OKR for us is to build a more stable platform, so I can assure this is being worked on but it takes time for results to filter through.

We do have plenty of people using the plugins without any issues so not sure where you struggled with this. They are normally extremely easy to set up and use.

I am not sure what the ‘web change’ is!

If you want to discuss partnerships then I can put you in touch with our partnership manager accordingly. Please ask me.

No, we don’t ignore people. As explained above, the original ticket still shows as ‘Waiting for customer’.

As explained above, I think there was a breakdown in communication due to your multiple bugs and no one quite sure what was happening! As a rule we don’t tend to chase support issues.

Once again I apologise for the issues. By all means come back to me if I can help in any way. The community team we are now building can assist in a lot of cases.


Hi John,

Just a couple of things: