Unusable Installation

A brand new from scratch installation in Docker installs fine and comes up and registers. The mongo 4.0 deprecation error persists even on a BRAND NEW installation from scratch. The resulting installation works fine for the admin, but no new users can join. All emails entered are invalid and the register a new account button never lights up.

This is not a bad thing if the admin is planned to be the only user. Everything works fine and the workspace is registered and I can install apps too. I guess a system with no users will have no complaints.


Can you please give us more information? Server/console ogs? Anything more,anything that you can think of that may help us figure out the issue better? Like the compose file for example, project current file list, contents (all excluding private information), etc

Thanks so much for getting back to me. So, I had a chance to do several “from scratch” installations. I ended up solving my problem after almost four days. Let me link you to an article that I wrote summarizing my findings. RocketChat New Installation - ScottiByte's Discussion Forum