Two different "Rocketchat"s

Hi everyone! I have got 3 errors while deploying RocketChat on Ubuntu, they are all related to Hubot:
1: unable to login, reason: User not found.
2: if joining GENERAL please make sure its using all caps.
3: if using LDAP, turn off LDAP, and turn off LDAP, and trun on general user registration with email verification off.

Moreover, could someone tell me the differences between and http://localhost:3000/ ? As for the first URL, I can directly use it without using VM. Thanks! is our community server owned run and controlled by Rocket.Chat. Meant for the community to talk with us and each other regarding Rocket.Chat and its development. Your server http://localhost:3000 is your own server that you can do what ever you please with.

Regarding hubot… if using LDAP make sure the hubot adapter knows. Check its docs for the environment variable to set.