Two completely opposite films united by marketing

Barbie and Oppenheimer have caused a stir in the cinema with their releases. Will increase: Emer has been the phenomenon that has flooded social networks with its marketing. It was already seen coming but, officially, it is already known that the Barbie movie was a success at the box office. After long months of promotion and immeasurable marketing , Mattel’s doll movie finally saw public light on the big screens on July 21.

For their part, many other people Phone Number List expected to know what the success of Oppenheimer would be , a film that talks about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, a much more delicate subject and with more background than that of the doll more famous in the world. However, the excitement of many viewers to see this film directed by Christopher Nolan that was also released on July 21 was shown as a major threat to the premiere of Barbie . In just its first weekend of release, Barbie went on to raise more than 5.1 million euros in Spain and around 162 million dollars in the United States , without a doubt, it has become one of the highest-grossing films of this 2023.

In the case of Oppenheimer , the film reached 82.4 million dollars in the United States in that first weekend of release. If you don’t see the embedded video correctly, click here Despite the great success of both films, with these data we see a clear advantage for Barbie over Oppenheimer , who also obtained several records with its premiere: it was positioned in the top 10 of all films in the world in several metrics such as eighth Friday or the fifth highest-attended three-day opening weekend, as Lucy Jones, general manager of comScore Movies in the United Kingdom and Ireland, explains. A success for the cinema Among all the hype of the release of both completely different films, the creation of the Will increase: Emer phenomenon was curious , a name born from the fusion of the titles of both films and which referred to the success that these releases would bring to the cinema.