Thanks and a few thoughts about Rocket.Chat

I write with the help of a translator.
Not so long ago, my hospital started using your product. Thank you for the work done, I really like your product.
But there are several problems that I would like to tell you about.

  1. There is no way to beautifully format the text attached to the picture in the description. We have to post a picture with the first message, and a description of it with the second.
  2. It is not possible to attach 2 or more files to a message. You have to attach 2 or more files in the form of links.
  3. It is necessary to be able to disable simultaneous user login from different devices under the same account. But sometimes this feature is useful. For example, when a doctor works at two or more workplaces.
  4. Users are poorly visible about the arrival of new messages, especially if the notification was missed. The gray color of the rocket icon is very poorly visible on the monitor screen. It is necessary that the rocket in the tray shimmers with different colors when there are unread messages.

It’s a pity I couldn’t set up video conferences. And it is unlikely that they will give me money to buy a full license, so I do not suffer much because of this.

Hi, happy to see you’re using our project :see_no_evil:

Descriptions follow the same markdown syntax normal messages do, i.e. you can bold using *some text* or italics using _some text_. Indeed it’s not too clear and hard to know without that usage feedback. I’ll relay this to our product team.

Fair, will relay to product !

iirc this is available in EE. As part of MDM.

We’re putting a lot of work on themeing, so in the future this might be solved by a more appropriate theme for each individuals!

Why? Jitsi and BBB both are available on the community edition. Please let me know if I can help with setting that up.

We do provide concessions for non-profits, contributors, do-good organizations. I don’t have the exact details with me, but you can get that rather easily and quickly if you reach out to our sales team !
if you’re interested, please shoot an email to !

Again, glad to have you onboard! Please tag me if you need any help with anything.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Regarding video conferencing. In fact, in my hospital, this functionality is not much in demand. Thank you for the offer of help.

There is one more revision that I want to have - there is no status about reading the message in personal correspondence.

If suddenly there are Russian speakers in your team, it would be easier for me to tell them and perhaps show them what I described above with the help of online translators.

A video in which I demonstrate the incorrect operation of the text editor in the description of the image.
The bold font was displayed incorrectly.
The paragraph doesn’t work either.