Suggestion Required to Develop Project Using React JS

Hi this is Palak Sharma

I am newbie here. Well I found this community while researching about project using React JS over the internet.
Well I am in second year of my engineering and my branch is Computer Science & Engineering. Lots of programming languages I am learning here. I like doing work with React JS however I am in initial phase of learning React JS. As we know that React JS is a very powerful library for front end development therefore I am very exited to learn it. At the end of second year I have to submit a project and I want to use React JS for front end development for my project and I have two month for this, but honestly I have no idea about it how to start and where to start. Therefore I need you people suggestions on this.

Can anyone give their suggestion on this or guide me on this, would be a great support.

Hi @palak231 ! Welcome to our Community.

A great place to start studying Rocket.Chat platform is at this channel:

You can usually find a link at the head of the channel, that will point you to a message where you can get community resources, docs and other channels in order to learn more and engage with other community members:

Hi @Pakal231 hope you are doing well, yes there are many Reactjs Projects are available on the Internet, some of the Projects Ideas are:

1; Calculator
2; Community Website
3: Weather Forecast Application
4: Online Shopping Website
5; Password Generator

and many more are there, hope this list will help you to choose your Project, and all the best for your upcoming project.

Thank You