SSL self-signed cert

Has anyone successfully setup SSL on an intranet Rocket.Chat instance? I have Rocket.Chat installed on Ubuntu using Snaps.

Hi and welcome.

Lots of people have, but you need to make sure you have properly setup local DNS and correctly configured SSL Certs - mobile apps are particularly sensitive to badly formed self signed certs.

I believe I have DNS configured fine - I’m not worried about getting mobile apps to work as my staff will only use a browser/windows client. Do you happen to have a resource that you could point me to that shows step-by-step how to configure SSL with self-signed Certs? My primary reason to move to SSL is the fact that chrome notifications do not work from http sites.

Everyone should use https - http will get deprecated in time.

Try this:

Can I use Nginx with a Snaps deployment instead of using Docker? I’ve put a lot of work into the deployment I currently have setup, so I’d like to avoid scrapping it. Is there an easy way to switch from Caddy to Nginx?

Thanks for the help!


Thanks for all the help - I believe I’m all set now!

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