Spam popup won't go away

How can i remove the msg that indicates my monthly push limit has been reached?
I keep clicking the X button but it won’t go away.

I had the same thing today. I pressed about twenty times and it was gone.
During the night, about 100+ messages from the Rocket.Chat Alert bot came:

You have reached your monthly mobile push limit. Check push usage for more details.

And the strangest thing. Push notifications are turned off at me in general.
p.s. sorry for my bad english

HI all,
same here. It is quite annoying. Any news on this ?
As I understand, the push limit is 10.000 per month and we are somewhere at 2000.
So it seems like some changes on the gateway are triggering the pop ups. I also received 100+ mails at 2:00 UTC but that was a one time thing. The pop ups remain.