Sorting contacts by activity on mobile app android stopped work

Greetings Rocket Comunitty.

Since 05/01/2021 i´m facing the problem described below:
The contacts by activity order doesn´t work anymore.
When a new message appears, the contact goes to the first line, then after the message is read, the contact go back to the end of the list.
A temporary solution was putting starred in the main contacts, and sorting by starred and new messages. But the sorting by activity still doesn´t work.

Anyone with the same problem?

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I confirm in every detail. The same behavior is reported to me from other users. Desktop clients seem to act normal.

Same Problem with sorting.
on Android and iPhone.

Conversation time is not correct. date/time
is wrong.

I can confirm the same Problem on Android several android devices for different users!

does anyone hav a solution yet?