SMS Incoming - Extra field in payload into Custom Field


It is possible to send to a Custom Field in Omnichannel using the Twilio integration, sending in the payload as shown below:

SMS Payload:

New field “CrmID”:

  "CrmID": "2020220",
  "From": "5551123456789",
  "To": "5551987654321",
  "Body": "SMS message",
  "ToCountry": "Brazil",
  "ToState": "RS",
  "ToCity": "Porto Alegre",
  "ToZip": "",
  "FromCountry": "Brazil",
  "FromState": "RS",
  "FromCity": "Porto Alegre",
  "FromZip": ""

According to the line of code below, the extra options such as lat, long, ToState, FromCountry should be embedded in Custom Fields, but this does not happen.

After the inclusion of Custom Fields, country, city and state in the Omnichannel part, the parameters started to be forwarded to Custom Fields: