Slack integration


I would like that the messages posted to some Slack channels I am part of are mirrored to the Rocket.Chat instance I have set up. From what I understand, this is exactly what SlackBridge is for. But looking at the documentation, and then looking around Slack’s documentation and finding this announcement, it looks like using SlackBridge is actually not possible anymore. The type of Slack bot that SlackBridge is expecting is not possible to create anymore.

Is that right or am I misunderstanding something? Is there an already available replacement method to get the same functionality?



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ll look into what has changed and update the slackbridge if necessary. Meanwhile, you can still add bots compatible with the existing slackbridge by going to


Ah, I missed that. Looks like I cannot add a bot with our free plan because someone already added another one :frowning: Thanks anyway!