Since upgrade to 0.66.0, users all online or offline (default auto away change?)

Did the default auto away settings change between 0.65.1 and 0.66.0? Since upgrading, all our users seem to be green (online) or offline, whereas before I’d see plenty on orange (away) which I know was auto-away because they don’t usually change their presence settings.

As an admin I don’t think I’ve ever changed the default auto-away setting, but now users are missing messages because they are green. What changed and how can I get back the old behaviour?

Looking at the PR’s looks like this one is related to that functionality:

Hi Aaron, hope all is well. :slight_smile:

Well, that PR is in 0.66.0, so I don’t see why it would still be broken in 0.66.0.

Something else weird is happening, possibly related. Since the upgrade, some users are permanently stuck on green (online), even when they are offline, for a fact.

Any clues about any of this would be appreciated.

I was thinking more that this could be why it’s broken.

This could be related to the idle timeout being broken.

I’ve opened Please can someone take a look? We need to get a fix for this, users are missing messages because notifications aren’t being sent.