Server settings not preserved after migration from snap to docker



Following the guide here:

I adapted it so as to restore the database into a Docker container instead of a “manually installed” server, using docker-run and docker-exec commands on the container instead of plain commands in the host - the only difference I note.

A quirk worth noting: after restoring, I visited the site and got the standard “Server setup” page ; I filled it in nonetheless to see, and lo-and-behold, my original data, all channels, users, pasted pics, etc were there. Cool.

Even the integrations were there - which I assume are part of the “core” settings.


The site settings were gone - SMTP configurations and LDAP configurations to be precise, these are once more empty/default. Are these not “core” then?

Are the above (setup screen quirk, and missing data) expected effects?

If I back up my database, are the settings meant to be preserved, or are these to be preserved separately ?

Tech info:

Source server:

Deployment method: snap
v 0.71.1
DB Migration 135
Commit e73dc78ffda9555fb98465ed94632473e6d63240
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Node: v8.11.3

Mongo version: 3.2.7

rocketchat:~$ /snap/rocketchat-server/1343/bin/mongo
MongoDB shell version: 3.2.7
connecting to: test
rs0:PRIMARY> show databases
local    0.368GB
parties  0.113GB

Destination server:

Deployment method: docker/docker-compose
v 0.71.1
DB Migration 135
Commit e73dc78ffda9555fb98465ed94632473e6d63240
Host OS: ubuntu 16.04 (Dockerhub image "")
(panel under "Subject" line of Commit info is stuck at "loading ...")

Mongo version: 3.6.9

apps-docker01:~/git/app-rocketchat$ docker exec -it rocketchat_db_1 mongo                                                                                                                                    
MongoDB shell version v3.6.9
connecting to: mongodb://
Implicit session: session { "id" : UUID("625328f6-8e99-411a-94fe-dc8d7d96409c") }
MongoDB server version: 3.6.9
> show databases
admin       0.000GB
config      0.000GB
local       0.000GB
rocketchat  0.108GB



In your export can you take a peek in the dump and see if there are files for rocketchat_settings inside? Sounds like that collection is oddly getting lost during export.

If Rocket.Chat is truly stopped it should be exporting all collections with no issues. Maybe also verify the process is completely terminated also