Server configuration for 300k connected (active) users

Hi Rocket.Chat Team,

We’re building a social network system and considering to use Rocket.Chat for up to 300000 connected users. So could you please provide your proposal with the following info?

  • The server configurations for each host and instance with good performance.
  • High Scalability Cluster feature: please describe more in detail: how many host, how many instance per host, how many max connection per instance,…
  • Price (for each option if any)

Note: if you cannot answer my concern on this forum directly, please send me your proposal to my email:


Well, unfortunatelly Rocket Chat isnt solution for you, if you need platform for 300k users. If you look around on this forum, you will find out, that current limit of rocket chat project (technologies & code) is somewhere around 3000 users, sometime more if you lucky…depends also on users needs and behaviours. But you can bet, that even HW side of platform for 300k users no matter which platform you will eventually go with, will by a very expensive adventure.

Recently we have had success with several thousand, I believe in excess of 21k simultaneously connected users. Our team has been hard at work to improve it. If needed, you can contact our team and see if they can help with this.